Our Clients

Our ideal client is a small business dedicated to doing something great in the world. We want to support you in making great things happen by setting up sustainable financial systems and growing your livelihood, just like we have for clients, including:

Abrothacary Bone Broth and Nutrient Consulting

AF Interior Design

Agile Digital Marketing

AJK Design Studio, Inc.

Annabelle Breakey Photography

Arca Design Group (Landscape Design)

Astrea Bella, LCSW

Bloom Healing Botanical Spa

The Chaplaincy Institute

David Paul Rosen (Affordable Housing Consultant)

Denise Lombard Insurance Services

East Bay Acupuncture

East Bay Rheumatology Medical Group

Eluminations (Lighting Design)

Fantastic Negrito/Blackball Universe (Musician and Record Label)

Grace North Church

i.e. Communications (Non-profit Consulting)

Jennifer Davick Photography

LLC Julie Orman Chiropractic

MDG Art Advisory

Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture

Organizeology, LLC

RIDE Oakland (Fitness Studio)

Sans Serif (Graphic Design)

SLATE Art Gallery and Art Consulting

Sonya Brewer, MA Village Music School